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DAHMER – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story is a true crime mini-series drama. It is about the infamous serial killer. I hope this series will not lead to Dahmer having fans because the Ted Bundy story starring Zach Efron gave the serial killer a legion of fangirls who like him because they find him attractive. This show is not the first adaptation of his life. In 2017, The movie My Friend Dahmer portrayed him in a more sympathetic light.
DAHMER – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story will focus on the perspective of his victims before their lives were taken.
Jeffrey Dahmer is named the Milwaukee Cannibal because he consumed his victim’s corpses. He killed over 17 victims because of his weird sex fetish.
His usual victims are gay men cruising for a one-night stand. He kills them so they won’t leave because he wants to have sexual...

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Serial Killers should not be glorified. A documentary is enough way to make a story about them. Making a movie about them humanizes these a-holes.
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This role will be perfect for Evan Peters. It must be difficult and terrible to play this part. He studied the character and discovered his victims' stories and the harm he caused them. If I were an actor performing a role like this, I'd be terrified and psychologically ill. Unquestionably an intriguing watch, however, it seems extremely creepy! The fantastic musical selection, with the refrain "please don't go," mirrors Dahmer's paralyzing and perverted dread of abandonment, which undoubtedly contributed to his atrocities. I adore Evan as an actor, and it's fascinating that we will, in a sense, be getting the full timeline of Dahmer's crimes. From his youth and years leading up to his first crime in "My Friend Dahmer" (with Ross Lynch) to his current portrayal in "Monster" at the height of his crime spree by Evan. I hope they don't have to invent anything and keep it as authentic as possible. It's crucial to stick to the facts; the victims in these cases were genuine people, and their anguish didn't need to be exaggerated for television. The suffering they go through is beyond horrific.


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Every time I see serial killers fully exploit their own victims, I am uneasy. There is no distinction between Jeffrey Dahmer and any other American serial killer who we are already familiar with. This is quite promising. I'm really excited to add this to my watch list.
Since reading about Jeffrey Dahmer on Wikipedia gives me nightmares, I don't know whether I could muster the bravery to witness a dramatization of his life.


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The thing with this story is that it's the little things that truly stick with you. How he carefully used a barrel to disintegrate the bodies. In order to keep his victims submissive without drugs, he first sedated them and then drilled holes in their heads. His interaction with his neighbors, the sandwich. Despite the fact that he was desperate for people to find out, he was so excellent at hiding it. The things a human can do are horrifying.


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Bleiberg Entertainment, The ones who made the 2012 movie about him starring Jeremy Renner (Hawkeye) Upload their full movie for free. I think they want to get with the hype this mini series will get.


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This is likely the only telling of the story where his interactions with his victims are mentioned. It is mentioned in all of the variations. The previous films on this killer place an undue emphasis on making the killer the victim of the narrative.


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I remember that one of his victims fled his flat while still naked. Three women found him and called the police because he was extremely intoxicated, disoriented, bleeding, and unable to speak well.
An ambulance arrived with two officers; however, the authorities eventually sent the ambulance away.
Even though the three women begged the authorities to return him to his flat, Dahmer arrived and persuaded them otherwise. One of the police officers smelled something fishy inside the apartment but didn't question it. After the police left, calling it a "domestic dispute between homosexuals," Konerak Sinthasomphone, 14, was raped, killed, and mutilated within an hour. If the police had done their job, they would have examined Dahmer's identification and discovered that he have previous sex offense involving the victim's older brother. Those police officers are so incompetent.


I am relieved that there are no serial killers actively killing people these days. Since technology has improved on capturing them.


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Why are Americans making so many recent movies and television shows about Dahmer? Has he somehow developed into a pop cultural icon. Movies on these actual serial killers should not be made because they glorify their atrocities.


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This info-graphics cartoon shows how awful of a person he is. I don't sympathize at him at all, I hope he is burning in hell.


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It's absurd that after killing one child, the police handed him back over to him, and that child's brother later escaped from Dahmer. Additionally, I recall a woman from a documentary who called it odd they never saw him buy groceries because they know he consumes human flesh.

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If I develop a reputation as a serial killer, numerous films and TV shows will be produced to honor me. very good to know With all due respect, these miniseries and films are turning these criminals into household names.🤦‍♀️


I detest the way some media romanticize serial killers. Just demonstrate how violent and disorderly they truly were. Show the reality. the hurt. the conflict. Then let it go; expose him for the monster he was.


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The Sandwich Scene 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮
I have no words because that is just gross. I am glad I live in a house and not in an apartment.