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Imagine an anime dub that happens so fast that it’s available the same day as the release of the sub version. That’s the SimulDub, a miracle of modern science brought to us by Crunchyroll. The company gets the anime ahead of time and has English VAs complete their lines, then mixes it in time for the proper release. The SimulDub ensures that those who prefer dubs will be able to watch the latest anime just as quickly as those who prefer hearing the original Japanese voices.
The SimulDub doesn’t happen for every show, but Crunchyroll is working on expanding it. This spring, a record 30 shows will debut in both dub and sub form at the same time. This includes the anticipated Spy x Family, premiering April 16.
We’re not just talking English either. While that will be the most common dub option, many of the new shows will have Spanish, French and other languages ready to go on Day 1. Nice to know they’re putting all our subscription fees to good use.
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