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I felt that none of the Superman movies have been great(all 1,2 and MOS). I'd rate MOS above 1 and 2, but they're not in my top 5 superhero movies.
Those comic books were a lot better :-(


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My opinion was quite the same,until "man of steel".
I wont say it was the best but still good enough to make as stick on the seat..


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I dunno. I didn't like MoS as much as I wanted. I thought everything about Man if Steel was excess. I also thought...

That moment where he had to kill Zodd was unearned. He spent the entire battle sequence not saving people and causing a tremendous amount of property damage, which probably got even more killed still. They never established him as a man that doesn't kill and won't let others die.

That entire film was a lot of moral grays. Though it was nice to see the nods to John Byrne's designs in the kryptonian council costumes. I also enjoyed seeing Russell Crowe fightin' 'round other worlds.

Singer's Superman gets a lot of crap. But I still liked it more. If only it hadn't been another real estate plot and it didn't have the kid.

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Yeah, MOS was an total let off..
I didnt like the singer's superman nor the new one..
Ironman and batman totally rock..


I believe the movies are the director's/writers interpretation of the comic books, it is their spin on a batman/ironman/superman (etc) adventure. I don't think I can say they are better, as it is their interpretation of the comic book, so they really aren't the same thing.