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I myself am a huge fan of Chicago Fire. I remember seeing it advertised last October and the promo for it on the TV a few weeks before it premiered looked amazing and very action packed. I gave it a try and even though it took me around 1-2 episodes to get into it I thought it was a brilliant season. I am quite disappointed that season 1 has finished however it has just been announced that season 2 premiers on September 24th so I am very excited about that.

Anyone else excited for season 2?


Shaken Not Stirred!!
Can't wait for the second season.. I managed to watch the whole first season in 2 days, I watched it non stop each evening until 5am.. completely addicted to it.. Roll on September 24th :)


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Exactly how I was :) during the run up to Christmas I would miss a couple of episodes over a few weeks myself due to being busy and not being able to catch it when it aired so I would record it instead and then I would sit and just watch all the ones I had missed back to back :) sometimes not going to bed until 3am on nights when I did that :) you get so hooked that you just can not turn off.