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We’ve told you before about NESMaker, the game creation software that lets you put together NES games in a fraction of the time it took the dev teams of old, using menus and modules to snap together a platformer, a Metroidvania or an adventure in the vein of Zelda. Every year, the creators host a competition called Byte-Off where everyone is given one month to create a complete demo for the NES using NESMaker. Fifty entries made it in this year, and the judging process is now underway.
This includes you! All the demos are now playable through this page, and once you try them, you can vote for your favorite in the Audience Choice category! I should mention that I have three entries in this competition, and you don’t HAVE to vote for those, but….you do. Look for “Mess Maker,” “Allison of Astra”...
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