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Dr Kain

So we had our Christmas party with our friends tonight and here is what we got:

I had the Qubeley on my Xmas list, but the added bonus of the original Gundam was quite surprising. I already knew what to expect out of the Qubeley and it does not disappoint. It's my favorite non-Gundam mobile suit after all. I do wish the funnels were a bit more... mobile because they were tough to put on and they can't move. This is one time I would have rathered had some type of bendy wire, especially given how fragile they are.

As I said above, the original Gundam was a true surprise because I had no interest in it, but holy crap I am so glad I got it. This thing is awesome. The amount of accessories he comes with is down right outstanding. I think the only things missing are the Gundam Hammer and the lance. The articulation also seems to be improved over the other Gundams I have and he doesn't feel as fragile. Oh, I did have a laugh at the packaging yet because it says anime on it. Like no **** sherlock.

Finally, a look at my (now) Gundam shelf:

It's morphin time! Dragonzord!
Jan 23, 2009
Does anyone know where I can get the cheapest price for the gashacon Bug visor and dangerous zombie set?? Sound of the places I visited like almiami hobbylink Japan don't really have good prices at least right now but I've noticed that if you order them separate in combine both orders ironically it's actually cheaper than the full set this happened when one of the side's few years ago with the blade buckle and all the cards that are compatible.