Avatar The last Airbender live-action cast got revealed by Netflix

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Netflix delivered when they promised that they will not whitewash the cast of the live action adaptation of Avatar; The last Airbender. This tweet reveals the fresh new faces who will bring the iconic characters to life.

Meet the cast of our Avatar: The Last Airbender live-action series! pic.twitter.com/EaPqmuo94e
— Netflix (@netflix) August 12, 2021

11 Years ago, Paramount made a controversial decision of casting mostly white actors for the protagonists and South Asians for  Antagonists. Now we have a more ethnically accurate cast. The main leads are Asian Americans and Indigenous Americans.

Netflix now fixes what Paramount and M.Night Shyamalan failed to do. The upcoming adaptation not only has a more ethnically accurate cast but it will honor the source material better. The...

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