An Avatar: The Last Airbender Tabletop RPG Is Coming Soon

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Peter Paltridge

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If a recent story is to be believed, ViacomCBS did not realize how many fans the Avatar world had until the series was put on Netflix and pulled in amazing numbers. Apparently if they had realized this sooner, Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra never would have shown up there — they would have been hoarded in CBS’s own stockpile at Paramount+.
But at least with this newfound awareness comes the new material fans have been starving for. Avatar Studios has been set up to create new movies and TV shows based in the Bending Universe, but it’ll take a while to write, record and animate those things. In the meantime you can always make up your own stories, and Magpie Games is working on just the product to aid you with that. Announcing Avatar Legends, The Roleplaying Game…it covers both existing series in one box.
Join your friends in a unique opportunity to return to a beloved setting — this time as the heroes of the story! Rising to meet their destiny, players will make...

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