Air, The men behind the Air Jordan

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<p>Air is star and directed by Ben Affleck. This is his reunion project with his best friend Matt Damon. Air will be their 7th film together proving the strength of their friendship and professional relationship as well. Jason Bateman, Viola Davis, Chris Tucker, Chris Messina, and Gustaf Skarsgård have joined the ensemble of this movie, glorifying the already impressive cast.</p>

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The friendship of Matt Damon and Ben Affleck had been so long that they had made more movies together than with the women they dated and married.

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Michael Jordan has been retired for years but kids who never saw him play would kill to have a pair of air Jordans. They are very expensive shoes and still popular until now. Especially that Yeezes got canceled. I think some Sports Entertainment wrestlers are even wrestling in air Jordans instead of wrestling boots.


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Lord of Mercy! what an amazing cast for this movie about shoes! Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are a power duo and I can't wait to see what they have in store for us with Air., And with Viola Davis, Chris Tucker, Chris Messina, and Gustaf Skarsgård joining the team, I am sure it will be a blockbuster hit!


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Are you kidding me?! I simply cannot wrap my head around the fact that Nike was on the brink of collapsing if they hadn't secured Michael Jordan as a brand Endorser. This man is a living legend in basketball and it's unbelievable to think that a mere endorsement deal could have salvaged the company. And now, just look at Nike! It's worth billions and has become one of the most recognizable and successful sports apparel brands in the entire world. Absolutely mind-blowing!


Me got excited about this because I am an Air Jordan collector, I am hyped to see this movie, man! I'm talking about learning the sick history behind the brand and how it all started with the greatest basketball player of all time, Michael Jordan! I mean, come on, the man is a legend! I can't wait to watch the film and get an inside scoop on the sick world of athletic wear sales. This is going to be a slam dunk


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Well, well, well, it's quite intriguing to see that Sonny Vaccaro chose to move on from Nike to Adidas several years later. However, we must acknowledge the tremendous impact that he made during his time at Nike. Without his forward-thinking and unrelenting determination, it's possible that Nike might not have reached the heights of success that it has today. This is just another example of how one person can make a significant difference in shaping the course of a company's history.


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It's a shame that no actor is playing Michael Jordan in this movie. He's such an iconic figure and it would have been great to see someone bring him to life on screen. But, I guess the focus is on the men behind the Air Jordan brand and their journey to success


I have always been a fan of sci-fi genre movies and looking forward to this movie too and we can expect a classic from Matt Damon and Ben Affleck.

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AFter what happened to Yeezys I heard the sales of Air Jordans increase and it may sell more after this movie.


I would have loved to see Michael Jordan in this movie but still, I am hoping for the best for the movie as it's about leged Michael Jordan.


Michael Jordan has been a legend on the basketball world. He had helped Chicago Bulls winning the NBA championship for a couple number of consecutive times. I am also amazed on the news that he was the one who came to the rescue for the NIKE, a sports wear company that was on the brink of collapsing by being the company's brand endorser. He also emerged to be the movie star in Space Jam. So amazing of him in deed.

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