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After a few weeks of silence, Adult Swim finally has something new to show off. The Harvey Birdman spinoff “Birdgirl” is returning for a new season, and crash-lands onto AS this Sunday at 11;30.
Ah, but you’re not just getting ONE escapade….you’re receiving two on the same night! According to Adult Swim’s official description of what’s happening, “In “The Wanky,” Judy discovers her sexuality fifteen years later. Stick around for “The Rejuvication,” where Gillian guides Charley through a difficult rebirthing.” Since Birdgirl is that rare AS original that gets half-hour episodes, that adds up to a full hour of Birdgirliness.
Judy Ken Sebben is the daughter of the deceased Phil Ken Sebben, and she’s just inherited his entire company. This is a problem because she also moonlights as the superhero Birdgirl. Since she’s not willing to give either profession up, she’s just going to have to learn to balance the two! If Season 2 is anything like Season 1, don’t expect to see a lot of her...

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This Bird Girl appeals to me as a long-time fan of Harvey Birdman: Attorney At Law. Judy's huge awkwardness, ADHD, and manic energy are all captured in this song. Sure, I wish there were more older cartoons to create the wacky atmosphere that made Harvey so successful, but I still care about the characters, and the sense of humor appears to be relevant in today's world. It's a goofy, enjoyable show that I think does the original Bird Girl justice.