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Did you see last week’s Primal? Did you see the last few Primals? If not, why not? The season finale is tonight, but it’ll make little sense unless you’ve seen the last few. And it’s not too late for that — they’re streamable anywhere. Don’t miss such a cool show.
The back half of this season has told one continuous story, and it’s wrapping up…there’s only one immediate threat left, but it’s a big one. The Viking chieftain from an earlier episode is on a mission of revenge, transformed by a god of the underworld into a gigantic lava man! We have absolutely no idea how Spear and Fang have any hope of confronting this guy — they can’t even touch him. The preview below provides no hints either, instead revealing a bit of Mira’s backstory (which is still interesting).
Primal airs tonight, Thursday, September 15 at 12 AM ET/PT. If you miss this showing, you can catch the same episode when it reruns on Toonami Saturday night at 12 AM ET/PT. The entire season will be on HBO Max the next...

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People who prefers watching Anime and refuses to watch American cartoons should watch Primal, they dont know what they are missing.
It's great to see Beth, Jerry, and Summer have more screen time this season; I was hoping they would get more of a role in the previous season, and this one has me just as To say that I enjoy the Rick and Morty series would be an understatement. The episodes are deep enough that I can watch them repeatedly and always learn something new. It provides in-depth explanations to many of the mysteries that have always fascinated us. Allows me to take in new points of view. I cannot wait for the next episodes.


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I find Season 5 of Rick and Morty underwhelming so this Season 6 should be better because I am closing to quitting this show.


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I am not familiar with this TV series, but reviews have described it as violent and bloody; and there's a Season 2. It's obviously popular. says it's "low on dialogue, high on action and violence". (Yawn.) To me, that sounds boring. LOL.

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