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This is one of the better weekends to be tuning into Adult Swim: a new episode of Primal tonight plus on Sunday, double the birdness with a one-hour Tuca & Bertie season finale.
Last week on Primal, Fang (the dinosaur) actually laid some eggs! Given what kind of brutal show this is we don’t expect all of them to hatch, nor the offspring to survive for long if they do. But Spear (the caveman) has his own problems to worry about…those vikings he offended (by killing most of them) worship a powerful figure that may come after him now.
Primal airs tonight, Thursday, August 25 at 12 AM ET/PT. If you miss this showing, you can catch the same episode when it reruns on Toonami Saturday night at 12 AM ET/PT. And it will be on HBO Max the next day…we think.
Then on Sunday don’t miss Tuca & Bertie (really, really don’t miss it, because it needs the ratings to appease an overlord far more fickle than the one it started with). It’s two episodes on one night. According to Adult Swim’s official...

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I was not expecting Primal to be super violent. I wonder if Netflix regret canceling Tuca and Bertie now.