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After you’ve had your fill of phony news stories and prank posts from every corner of the Internet this April 1, Adult Swim is here to extend the insanity two more days.
First off is the first-ever airing of the Robot Chicken episode “May Cause Weebles to Fall Down.” According to Adult Swim’s official description of the episode, “It’s once again time for Discovery’s Mark Week courtesy of Robot Chicken, nobody realizes Daria is being sarcastic until it’s too late, & the Wayne family’s Murder Alley gets commercialized and Bruce is pissed.” Mark Week sounds a lot more terrifying than Shark Week, to be honest. SyFy should get cracking on a Marknado movie.
One day before then, Toonami kicks off with another new episode of the latest AS / Crunchyroll co-production, Shenmue: The Animation. Here’s where we are in the story:
“In “Distinct,” Ryo finds a book written by Yuanda Zhu in Xiuying’s library. In the book he finds a memo of chawan sign, which could lead to danger with one mistake...

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