A Friend of The Family – How much do you trust family friends?

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Madeline Everleigh

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A Friend of The Family is a cautionary tale that happened in real life. This five-episode Mini series is based on actual events experienced by the actress Jan Broberg. Her story is first told in the Netflix documentary Abducted in plain sight. I am sure all of us as children had got entrusted by our parents to friends, relatives, and even paid babysitters. They have to because they have to leave at the moment.
It was a stroke of good luck for me that all of the people my parents trusted were deserving of their trust. The events surrounding Jan are a different story because she got kidnapped by the same individual on two separate occasions. Because he is a friend of the family, her parents put their faith in this particular individual.
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I saw this story in Doctor Phil, Jan's mom forgave the jerk that kidnapped her. If someone did that do my child (I am not yet a mom) I will kill the person.


Serving Lewks
I recognized that actor, Lio Tipton. That is a contestant from America's next top model and used to go by the name Analeigh Tipton. I searched why they changed the screen name. So they came out as non-binary. Lio now goes with They/Them pronouns.


I am Afraid the non binary people who dresses normal. They look hetero normative and has a heterosexual relationship so you will assume they go with their birth pronouns. It may sound awkward but I ask people for their pronouns now because I am afraid to offend.


AMAWEMEN Hear me roar!
This actual story continues to this day to rank among the scariest and most unnerving ones I have ever heard. The safety of my family receives as a result of my introversion and lack of friendliness is one of the perks that I enjoy. I am not that friendly to neighbors.


Is this a Netflix-exclusive documentary that has been adapted for the screen by a rival company? Peacock, I know what you are doing.


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Is this Peacock's strategy, or something else? A dramatization of a Netflix-produced documentary is produced by Peacock Pictures. I can see movie versions of Tinder Swindler, Fyre Festival and Dont **** with cats coming soon.

Hibiki JR

I know this story, I watched it in Dr. Phil Before. It is crazy because her parents got duped twice by the same person because they are that trusting and forgiving.



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Some friends of the family are creepy as hell and the parents are usually the last ones to notice it. Many times when people are just too nice you can expect something shady in the background. Imagine this man telling you his 'psychiatrist' said he had to lay by a child and listen to these tapes in order to overcome his own childhood trauma, right. And even so, how does your child become involved? Why does the one he took a special interest in have to be the volunteer? The saddest part is that all of this is really real. I don't know if I can watch it though.

Blaire Courttney

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If I am a mom, I wont even trust my own family members to be left alone with my kids as long as they cannot fend for themselves. These parents let a "friend" ruin their daughter's life

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