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In 1994 Disney took a chance on a show unlike any they had ever created before, or probably ever will again. Greg Weisman’s Gargoyles ran for 65 episodes (and a non-canon Saturday Morning season without Greg’s involvement), and retains a massive cult following to this day. If we can’t have more episodes of the show, we can always just move a figure around and create our own, I guess. NECA Toys will soon be providing the tool for this with a 7-inch sculpted Goliath figure. He looks pretty amazing:

Goliath is fully poseable (this is the best possible pose in our opinion) and comes with two faces, Angry and Slightly Less Angry.

You can also have him read a book, if you so desire. “I know Eliza is in trouble, but just one more chapter. I have to know how Lisbeth Salander gets out of this one!”...

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