1. R

    [SELLING] Kamen Rider W Bandai Windscale clothing

    Philip's windscale shirt, official Japanese Bandai merchandise size mens Large IMG_593491053430164.jpeg Photo by tissuesan | Photobucket IMG_593497203912340.jpeg Photo by tissuesan | Photobucket Philip's parka size mens Large IMG_593507117211900.jpeg Photo by tissuesan | Photobucket...
  2. Mirage_Frost

    Interest check - Dopant USB and Windscale Jeans?

    I have these two, whether if anyone here was interested in them before I go to eBay and try and sell them. If interested, please PM me with your offers and questions as I am not sure what I should be looking to get for these, and bills/rent coming up this month in a very craptastic month for...
  3. A

    Looking for Windscale ties and Fedoras (possibly other Shotarou gear, too)

    Hey, I'm looking for some Windscale Ties and Fedoras. I've checked the website that sells Windscale clothes, and most of them are out of stock. I've also had rough luck on Yahoo Japan Auctions using the search term "Windscale." Can anyone provide me with any better leads, either better search...