Interest check - Dopant USB and Windscale Jeans?

I have these two, whether if anyone here was interested in them before I go to eBay and try and sell them. If interested, please PM me with your offers and questions as I am not sure what I should be looking to get for these, and bills/rent coming up this month in a very craptastic month for me.

I have a 18k Iron man Gold phone too, if there's any interest in that, but I have no idea where to go to sell that...

pics -






really? no interest whatsoever?
glad I decided to post it here instead of eBay where it would actually cost me something...
They're a size 34 x 30, sorry, thought I put that there
but I don't think anyone wants them, so oh well...They're washed and cleaned! just wrinkly because I haven't taken them out since I moved...
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just an update, but the jeans have been spoken for, the Iron Man Phone and
Taboo and Clay Doll Dopant USBs are still available.

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