Looking for Windscale ties and Fedoras (possibly other Shotarou gear, too)


I'm looking for some Windscale Ties and Fedoras. I've checked the website that sells Windscale clothes, and most of them are out of stock. I've also had rough luck on Yahoo Japan Auctions using the search term "Windscale."

Can anyone provide me with any better leads, either better search terms, links, or does anyone have any Windscale stuff for sale?

On a side note, my roommate would be interested in Philip gear (especially his necklace), or apparently the dog clothes. Don't ask.

Thanks for any help anyone can provide!


Budou though
you won't be able to buy the popular ties and fedoras off bandai's fashion site anymore. they sold out and won't be coming back. you can still get shotaro's fedora that he has worn a lot lately along with his vest. you just cant get his old fedora's, ties, or vest.

also, i don't think anyone will sell you those out of stock items unless they are desperate for money. who would sell limited edition clothes? it will be very difficult to get philip's clothes now. sometimes yahoo auction japan has them like weeks ago.


Well Recently I did get a pure white Windscale Fedora. So I can pull off my concept Kamen Rider Fang cosplay. There are some on Bandai Fashion but not alot.

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