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  • I don't know about anything online, though I think there was a thread here with book/manga scans that had some of his Tokusatsu comics. I guess it might be easy to find the Nintento Power Legend of Zelda comic online, which he drew.

    The only Rider comics Ishinomori actually did are the original (first 6 volumes), BLACK, and a special version of Amazon, be aware that a lot of the others were done by other artists aping his style so they tend to be a little... odd.
    If you find em let me know. I've been trying to find that series on the net as well. There are some episode of Kinpachi on the net, but nothing as a whole, and none of them are subbed. Shitty deals I know :(
    KRDK looks good, it's awesome, but MMPR was a phenomenon, but it was just the right show at the right time. KRDK will do good enough and signs point toward another season. :)
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