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    POWER RANGERS Netflix Series Names Showrunner Jenny Klein

    Awesome news! I always love Power Rangers and Super Sentai!
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    Ladies of Toku Talk vs HJU Girls In Trouble

    For those of you who aren't aware, I'm part of Rajio Nihon, hosting a little live podcast called Toku Talk, with a nice mixed crew of guys and gals. Earlier this month, we had a special crossover with the three Ladies of Toku Talk and two of HJU's Girls In Trouble, angelicnoir and Blade Dancer...
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    Extra Hero Ranger Keys

    I'm on the hunt for some of the Extra Hero Ranger Keys that have come out in Capsule Toy sets. Specifically I'm looking for DekaMaster, Bull Black, and Wolzard Fire. Hopefully Rio will come out soon as I want him as well. MagiMother, Mele, and Female Shinken Red aren't priority but I wouldn't...
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    Kamen Rider Decade - Rockman no Sekai

    Let's Play Kamen Rider Decade: Rockman no Sekai Part 1 - YouTubeI'd actually been working on the game since ToNg gave up on it with just changing the sprites of Rockman, Blues, and the Robot Masters. Here's the final fruits of my labors. Please note, I've made more changes since that...
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    Modifying your DX Henshin Belt

    Here you will find several ways to modify your DX Henshin belts. Some are easy, some are difficult. It's up to you on how you wish to do it. Different types of modifications will be noted on invasiveness to the belt (how much of the belt you will be tampering with), difficulty, and...
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    Yuuki Kuroda aka Kamen Rider Glaive's Vlog

    So apparently Yuuki Kuroda who plays Kamen Rider Glaive in Kamen Rider Blade: MISSING ACE and the Diend world arc of Decade has a vlog. It's rather hilarious to watch, even if you can't understand anything besides his intro video. - ???
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    Would you watch more?

    Hello Stephen, how are you, fantastic.My question for you is a two-parter. Have you watched any other Kamen Rider shows, and if not, would you watch more?
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    Translate IXA-cise Body Rhythm Edit

    Wasn't quite sure where to put this, but I was wondering if there was anyone who could translate the song from the Kiva Re-Union album. I of course know what's there from the original song but there's some new parts that aren't part of the original IXA-cise and I'd like to have a good...
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    Animazement 2010 - A Crash Course in Tokusatsu

    Animazement, the local anime convention in Raleigh, North Carolina, is now having it's first tokusatsu j-hero panel. While it will mainly serve as an introduction to newcomers, we hope people who are already familiar with the genre will have a lot of fun, too. What's being planned is nothing...
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    American Toku: What Would You Do?

    American Toku J-Hero: What Would You Do?So, I'm studying film, and at some point would very much like to do my own kind of Japanese hero type show, which I'm sure many of you out there would like to do as well, but I thought it would be good to discuss things, since I have nothing better to do...
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    Kamen Rider Kiva DX Sagarc Belt + Jacorder

    Kamen Rider Kiva DX Sagarc Belt + Jacorder [RELISTED]UPDATED APRIL 5, 2010Just as the title says, I'm selling a DX Saga belt. See my eBay listing for details as suggested, here's my review on the toy
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    Started a Kamen Rider RP chat

    For anyone interested, I've recently decided to go ahead and start a Kamen Rider RP (role play) chat. A lot of people have told me I won't build enough interest for it to succeed, but I decided to go through it anyone because I believe different, and I feel it could do well. If anyone is...