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    Incest Themed Comic Removed From Kindle Store

    You know, from what I saw in stores while I was in Japan, no one was in any hurry to enforce this law (especially as far as homoerotica for women is concerned), so I really wonder how bad this one was to catch the government's attention.
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    Zelda: The Minish Cap - Trapped Behind the Ambassador Wall

    Yes, it's sad, especially since the GBA FE is one of only 2 ever released in the US. Though I didn't realize it before posting, but last week Yoshi did get released to the WiiU eShop so maybe there's hope.
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    Study Suggests Violent Video Games Don't Cause Aggression, Damned Cheating Computers Do

    I wish we thought of using rage-quit as a part of my group's study. We just went for Ghostbusters-style "zap if you lose" for our reaction measurement test. Tee hee.
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    Zelda: The Minish Cap - Trapped Behind the Ambassador Wall

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    Samurai Jack: Beyond Nostalgia

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    General Discussion Overall health

    Seriously, I would starve if it weren't for McDonalds and Yoshinoya/Sukiya/Matsuya (beef bowl shops). Japan's diet is based on fish and odd vegetables. They actually use a lot of mushrooms and bean sprouts, which I do like, but most Japanese food tastes weird to me. I'm here for my job, but I...
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    General Discussion Overall health

    As for physical, I'm probably a 2. No smoking or drinking, but I do have some ailments. I got shingles at age 15 (15! Almost unheard of!), dry skin, lactose intolerance (from a childhood injury to boot, not from genetics), irregular months, and vitamin deficiencies- you name it, I might have it...
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    Tech What kind of computer do you own?

    I remember when white was the normal computer color. Then black was suddenly in, and white boxes were "uncool". Now it seems white is making a comeback.... :)
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    Comics Do you read Japanese comics?

    Escaflowne? Not exactly a beginner's anime. XD Reading manga in Japanese is really the only way I have time to study anymore. Though I prefer to read it in English, the genre I like rarely gets licensed so I have to buy the Japanese versions. Thank god for Book Off, otherwise I'd be broke...
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    Old time Cartoons

    As much as I love the old Looney Toons and Tom&Jerry, my favorite cartoon will always be Muppet Babies. Looking back on it now, it's dripping in 80's style. Any scene without the babies is pure Marvel. Hint hint, Disney. You now own the Muppets, Marvel, and Lucasfilm. I think that takes care...
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    Tech What kind of computer do you own?

    I have so many, it's like I collect computers... Part of being a pack rat, I suppose. Primary desktop at the moment: a Mac Mini (2013 1TB version) Primary desktop back home: custom build AMD Phenom IIx6, what I nicknamed the "Aperture Science Time Waster" because of a Portal theme. Windows 7...
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    Tech Keyboards

    For my Mac Mini I have the standard Mac aluminum wired+numpad version. I actually went out of my way to buy the wired version, since a) no batteries and b) I use the numpad as the right hand for gaming in addition to any calculation I need. My PC is actually the old Microsoft PS/2 two-tone...
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    I. love. your. avatar. Such doge, many awesome.

    I. love. your. avatar. Such doge, many awesome.
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    Playing video games vs Watching movies

    Bizarre? My friend, you have no idea what that means when used with the word "Japanese". If I wanted a dating sim based around tacos and corn chips I could probably find it here somewhere and no one would think less of me for looking. :p
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    Your Favorite Video Game

    I really want to play it, but I need a US 3DS to play it in English. Next trip home is in April...