Samurai Jack: Beyond Nostalgia

Sep 5, 2013
Talk to anyone of school age in the nineties, and they'll lay so much nostalgia on you, it might be nauseating. The millennials are invading your tumblrs and buzzfeeds with "OMG, xx is twenty years old now!" and "Random things you forgot about from the year 19XX". Chances are, a lot of those things...
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Feb 21, 2014
I have a few comments about some parts of your article:

"Despite being intended for children, Samurai Jack appeals heavily to older teens and adults"

I don't believe the program was intended only for children.

"Tartakovsky and his crew also found an excellent way to keep the violence of the samurai genre intact- the majority of Aku’s henchmen are robots and wisps, therefore Standards and Practices has no problem with Jack smashing the hell out of them"

You did not need to use the word "hell" to enhance your sentence.