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  • How do you do that thing where every time you refresh the page, your signature changes?
    hey there again. i recently checked out in`s point and that place is great! basically it was three floors of almost completely hero stuff. finding figuarts stuff was easy. it was just more or less about pricing afterwards.

    just want to say thanks again!
    hey kazuma! thx for the hk shops info! I was wondering if u know any other places in hk? I visited the sino center one so far and a bunch of small places in the mong kok area. let me know if u can, thx!
    You definately need to show me where these stores are the next time I'm in HK. I look everytime I go there but can never find them.
    I gotta ask...did you PS your avatar? Cus that is badass! I even made a sound via my memories for that henshin.
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