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  • Just fine for today dude. Retrieved the diploma from my university with scholarship. Thanks for my own hardworking personality. But the hard part is how to find a good job? Working on job is easy but finding jobs, were people rejecting me. But nonetheless I'm enjoying good drawing Onore Dikeido and Kamen Rider Kiva-tan (Kurenai Wakaba.) *Draws a Ride Card from his left hand*
    See the tab "Visitor Messages"? Along side it, there's "About Me", "Statistics", "Friends", and "Contact Info". Click on "Contact Info", then choose "Send Private Message". That's how to PM somebody. I understand that there is nothing wrong in correcting somebody's spelling errors, but you don't have to shame them by posting it in public, since you might get a lot of backlash because the "Spelling Nazi" meme has been a very infamous and widely unaccepted one. So please take my advice, because I'm giving it to you as a friend bro. Thanks.
    Why thank you. The avatar is from a manga Change 123. It's a pretty good manga. The main male character is a Kamen Raider fan, which is obviously a knock off of Kamen Rider. That's one of the Raiders they had in the story, next to Zero who is one of the main female's personalities.
    yup. well i didnt expect anyone to like it bro. :) and i did say it was disturbing, not funny.. besides, its not a popularity contest eh? :) lighten up buddy
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