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  • Hi There. It's been a while since I talk to you. Just to let you know that I am back on here. I hope you and I can be friends again. You are more welcome to join the RPG Site that I am on.
    xD; Well, not sure what "taking a jab at someone" means in this particular context, but, if it's anything like hitting on people, naw, I wasn't tryin' anythin' remotely like that. o.o;
    XD im laughing to hard to pull anymore quotes! but thanks for the laugh the other day *shifty eyes* ... okays one more ... YOUR LYING I NEVER HIT YOU! X3
    Awesome I can't wait. Yeah, I'll send the money later. I still need to go to the bank later. The wedding was okay, but the reception was a bit of a mess. I'll tell ya more later when ya get on.
    Sounds just fine to me. You should show it off in your charm thread, maybe someone else would like one.
    Though expensive, I'm sure the entertainment and memory values are priceless. :D (Sorry for the long response, resting a lot during day off lol)
    ClimaxHeroDen-O's just totally in-denial. Even if you ask everyone else what they think of him, they'll all agree with me. :rofl:
    Pretty much good and pooped from work. Trying to complete my 40-hour work until I'm free on Friday!! :'D How 'bout you?
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