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    Kamen Rider Ex-Aid - Episode 16: "The Paradox of M's Defeat"

    I really don't like this Nico character at all. If she'd said what her problem was from the VERY BEGINNING, I wouldn't have had so much trouble with her, but as she is, she's doing nothin but grate on my nerves. If you haven't seen someone in over 6 years and prior to that, only saw them once...
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    [Video Game] X

    X Universe seriesSo, with the newest game X Rebirth literally less than a week away from being launched, I thought I'd try and gauge a bit of opinions on the games here. :B Anyone played them before? Like 'em? Hate 'em? Why, why not?For those who don't know, X is a series of space simulator...
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    Ichigan Buster Problem

    ARGH. I can't get that god damned screw off this thing to insert some damned batteries; maybe it's just my nerve disease taking away too much of my ability to move my fingers properly though I doubt it. What the hell kind of screwdriver would I possibly need to get that darned screw off? It's...
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    Core Medal disassembly/reassembly

    Okay, so, I just wasted an hour of my life trying and failing to take apart and put back together a spare Hawk medal I had lying around. I have literally no idea what I keep on doing wrong but it won't come back together and I'd really appreciate if someone could give me a few hints or...
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    [Video Game] Sonic: Lost World

    TrailerSo, the first of what appears to be a multitude of Nintendo-exclusive Sonic games, developed in cooperation with Nintendo.Actually, I am not quite sure what to think of this just yet. Certainly seems cartoony, though personally not sure if perhaps too much so. The playstyle seems...
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    WIND SCALE articles

    So, I was wondering and scurrying around the net and am honestly wondering, where could one procure some of those nice WIND SCALE thingies short of going through that (at least to me) Western-people-unfriendly Premium-Bandai sign up? =B … technically, they're not toys, but, eh, not sure where...
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    Sonic Generations

    HOLY F**KING S**T.At first I was like "Eh. They're bringing back classic Sega chime, cool." Then, add to that "Hm. Looks like they were trying to fuse Green Hill Zone with some modern, rocky structure á la Apotos' hills. Eh." Plus, it was pretty obviously trying to emulate Unleashed's and...
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    Potential Sequel Suit?

    First of, I really liked how you made two distinct characters work the way you did in that show, so, kudos. c:Okay, assume they made a sequel to Dragon Knight in which, somehow, Kit gets new Rider powers -- if you, for whatever crazy reason, were to be able to choose which suit and show to...
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    Doctor Hen-Shin

    I guess this would be the most appropriate area for something like this...So I was randomly googling stuff when I stumpled upon Dr. Hen-Shin Wu, Pediatrician.Is that one of the funniest name in our own little world or what? c:
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    Herman has fun with Photomanipulation.

    So I thought I'd just show of a couple of these thingies. Opinions?EDIT: Some new additions, AR!Kuuga's transformation and an alternate take on it.MOAR EDIT:FINAL VENT
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    Kamen Rider NEXT (title subject to change)

    NOTE: The name was merely chosen as I didn't wanna appear too self-centered and have it named after my own Rider character... and I couldn't really think of anything else in this regard. Any suggestions are welcome. This opening post is more or less a copypaste of what I did on another board...