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  • yeah. its nice to have DX trigger and metal. fang is sitting on top of my subwoofer lol
    lol nice. i dont know how you did it. what'd you say to make the price lower? man, we be getting deals from him. i wanted to get the DX T2 joker memory from him but damn dchoc got it
    you bought the mobirates from deeznuts1234 that came with ranger key set 1 for $100 with shipping? that's a good deal. i think
    ahh i see. still, not too bad. my double driver should come either tomorrow or saturday..hopefully. too bad deeznuts didnt include the boxes, trigger magnum, and metal shaft. he sold me all 3 for $60. good deal huh?
    so you were the one that bought deeznuts1234's xtreme memory huh? how much did you pay for it? 20? did you also get the double driver from him?
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