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    I have returned :)

    Hey guys, I thought I start coming back to the board....I haven't been here for a year :p Anyone miss me? lol *tosses cookies*
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    Shouldn't rumors of next year's sentai series be staring by now?

    I pretty much stopped coming here like a couple years ago....thought I pop on here to ask a question as I just realized something is missing and I'm sure many of us have wondered that too. Shouldn't we be hearing about rumors of the next sentai series from Dukemon by now? We usually start...
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    Wii - The Simpsons Game

    Those who are a Simpsons fan here on the a question about The Simpsons Game for Wii. I know there are some negative reveiws about the game mainly to do with the camera getting in the way. I was told by one friend before on MSN that its pretty bad while another friend told me it...
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    Question about the Sonic games on GameCube

    For GameCube...I have Sonic Mega Collection. The other ones I did not get...... Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut (has 12 unblockable games) - would definately get this anyways. Sonic Adventure 2: The Battle Sonic Heroes (I was told that Sonic Heroes isn't that great while someone else told...
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    GameCube: Sonic Adventures 2: The Battle...necessary to get or not necessary?

    Hey guys, I'm planning to get Sonic Adventures DX: Director's Cut, Sonic Heroes and Sonic Riders. I included Sonic Adventures 2: The Battle on the list as well...should I get that or no? Just want to know if its necessary to get that or not. I had Sonic Gem Collection on the list to...
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    Board slow when clicking a thread?

    Is anyone having a hard time clicking a thread when it doesn't want to load sometime at first and then it does when you try again? Sometimes it does that....alot of the time its fine.
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    Favorite SPD Rangers

    I forgot again lol Next team up is the SPD Rangers! Who are your favorite SPD Rangers?
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    Favorite Dino Thunder Rangers

    Next up is the DT Rangers... Who are your favorite Dino Thunder Rangers?
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    Favorite Ninja Storm Rangers

    Next up is the Ninja Storm Rangers Who are your favvorite? :p
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    Favorite Wild Force Rangers

    Next up is the WF Rangers Who are your favorite WF Rangers? Edit: Crap, I forgot to click the Multiple Choice option..can a mod edit to fix that?
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    Favorite Time Force Rangers?

    Next up is Time Force! Who are your favorite TF Rangers?
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    Favorite Lightspeed Rescue Rangers

    Next up is PRLR....who are your favorite LR Rangers?
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    Favorite Lost Galaxy Rangers?

    Next up is the Galactic Rangers of PR Lost Galaxy Who are your favorite rangers?
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    Who liked Kamen Rider Kiva?

    Since ForeverRed did a poll for Anyone here likes Kamen Rider Den-O....I thought I make one for who liked Kiva So, who here likes Kamen Rider Kiva?
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    Favorite In Space Rangers?

    Next up is PR in Space! Let's Rocket! Who are your favorite PRiS Rangers?