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    GKIDS Releases Panda! Go Panda! On Disc And Digital

    This is not a new movie, It is just a remaster and re-release of an old Studio Ghibli film.
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    The Guys Behind Cobra Kai Want To Make A Duke Nukem Movie

    I can't wait for this to be released on BluRay after 15 years. Why would this be a good idea if no one cares about Duke Nukem? He's a footnote in the world of first-person shooters.
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    Elsagate is still a problem!

    Wondering why these channels keeps on being made when they are already demonetized. Like someone as an agenda to spread these videos. It is like intentional mind conditioning.
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    The Kingmaker- This Eye opening Political documentary is now legally available for free

    Those Marcoses are using their ill-gotten wealth to manipulate Filipinos, particularly Generation Z, who have never experienced Martial Law. Poor kids got brainwashed by the propaganda they saw on Facebook. Facebook is now battling misinformation in the US, but they are doing nothing in the...