Free League Publishing has simultaneously added four new adventure sites to the world of Forbidden Lands with The Spire of Quetzel, a new hardbound collection. It contains the titular story (written by by Patrick Stuart), The Bright Vault by Chris McDowall, Hexenwald by Ben Milton, and Graveyard of Thunder by Karl Stjernberg.

Wind dies. Pale grass grows in spirals. Lichen forms blurred iridescent sigils on cracked stone. Black trees curl their trunks and crook their branches as if bowing. The Spire is driven through the skin of the world like a pin through curling paper. With every step toward the tower, it writhes and warps like a hallucination. 

Rumor has it that you shall encounter a dreaming Demon-Queen, a prison of strange beasts who call themselves a family, a coven of witches who don’t get along, and the strange graveyard of the last thunder lizard to walk this land.

If it will be dangerous? Of course, the Forbidden Lands are more dangerous than ever. But what does it matter, friend? Together we laugh in the face of danger and make our mark on that cursed world. Together, we will survive.

The Spire Of Quetzel contains intricate illustrations that bring the four tales to life, like these examples:

the spire of quetzel

Is that design her chair, or part of an elaborate headdress? You’ll have to buy the book to find out.

What did this straggly-haired girl just whisper into that tiger’s ear to make him so surprised?

Where did this ogre get his nifty hat?

The book is available starting today from Free League Publishing for $22.78. More about The Spire Of Quetzel can be learned at the link.