EA gets ban-hammer happy. Battlefield 3 is now receiving a clean up.

Hacking, boosting and exploiting throughout online games is nothing new, especially amongst first-person shooters. It never gets easier to put up with either.

The latest? EA’s Battlefield 3. EA and DICE have finally heard the cries of legit BF3 players.

To the joy of honest gamers everywhere, according to a Tweet from EA (pictured below), hundreds of accounts have been banned and the offending players have had their stats wiped.

BF3 Ban Tweet

For a game that’s only been out for around 3 weeks, I’ve encountered (and rage-quit a number of times over) quite a few level 1 & 2 platinum’s with the ability to spawn where they like and one-shot-kill.

EA have since posted on ea.com, if you wish to report suspect players of cheating or hacking Battlefield 3, to visit help.ea.com and provide screenshots and/or videos to support your claim.

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