GAME’s financial woes continue, as EA and possibly Nintendo cease trading with the ailing video game retailer

Eurogamer is reporting that GAME will not only not stock Mass Effect 3, but that SSX will be the last EA game for the forseeable future.

Anyone who has pre-ordered Mass Effect 3, including the GAME-exclusive N7 Collector’s Edition, will be able to get store credit.

This is yet more terrible news for GAME which has been fast-flowing over recent weeks after they lost their buyer’s insurance, didn’t stock any Ubisoft Vita titles, Tekken 3D for 3DS or The Last Story for Wii.

Surely it’s surely only a matter of time until they announce even more store closures, job losses and call in the administrators?


Update: It has now emerged that Game will not be stocking Mario Party 9. This is the third consecutive Nintendo published title not available from Game.


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