EA has announced that its new subscription-based game service is now available to all Xbox One users. Players can download the app from the Xbox Live Store and choose their subscription package to get access to a variety of EA published games. There are two different levels available, a $4.99 a month option and a yearly subscription that costs $30.

EA Access was first announced last month to the surprise of many in the industry. The service will give subscribers access to many different EA games that they can download at the click of a button. It will also provide discounts to DLC and other games as well as letting players get early access to newly released titles before they are available in stores.

The first games to be available through the program are Battlefield 4, Madden NFL 25, FIFA 14 and Peggle 2. The publisher has also promised that more games will be made available in the future, including titles that are more recent. Gamers cannot play downloaded games after their subscription expires, but any additional content and save progress will remain so that if the subscription is renewed players can start from where they left off.

The program is exclusive to the Xbox One despite the fact that EA approached both Microsoft and Sony about offering the service on their platforms. Sony turned down EA Access, claiming that it was not good value for their customers. This prompted angry reactions from gamers who argued that Sony should have let them decide what was value for money.

Like many other apps and services on Xbox Live, a Gold membership is no longer required to access the content. Although it will be needed to play online multiplayer components of games available. You can get more information about the service and read the full terms and conditions at the official site.

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