Microsoft kicked E3 off in a huge way with updates not only to their pre-announced games but gamers also saw the “world premiere” that saw Rise of the Tomb Raider announced. The trailer shown during the Microsoft pre-E3 conference can be seen below and shows a young Lara Croft with a psychiatrist discussing how Lara needs to “get out more” in between snapshots of Lara defying gravity with huge leaps and being chased by animals.

There was no date or specific information about Rise of the Tomb Raider – it’s fairly safe to assume that the game will release cross-platform and probably isn’t an Xbox One exclusive. There was also no release date, window or year given for the game. It looks a lot like Rise of the Tomb Raider could be set after the events of the last Tomb Raider reboot though, based on the little information offered.

For now, enjoy this announcement trailer for Rise of the Tomb Raider and we’ll be back with more as it happens.

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