Limited Run Games held its E3 presentation at noon Pacific today and revealed much of its planned release schedule for 2019. The entire remainder of their Vita list was revealed and their first title for the 3DS was unveiled. MIA from the list was VAL-HA11-A for Switch, which was promised earlier…its absence is curious and we hope it’s not a bad sign.

First, here is Limited Run’s final Vita list. Sony shut off Vita production earlier this year; these games made it through the approval process before then. Vita has done good business for Limited Run; whenever a game is offered on both Vita and any other platform, the Vita version sells out five times as fast. Collectors be hungry!

Guacamelee — June 14
Mutant Blobs Attack!! — June 14
Pix The Cat — June 21
Super Mutant Alien Assault — July 5
Metal Slug 3 — July 12
Atari Flashback Classics — July 2019
Deadbolt — Q3 2019
Super Meat Boy — 2019
Revenant Dogma — 2019
Damascus Gear: Operation Osaka — 2019
Damascus Gear: Operation Tokyo — 2019
Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken — 2019
Rocketbirds 2: Evolution — 2019
Papers Please — the final physical Vita release, due out 2020

Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid — PS4 / Switch, right now
Apparently there’s been a new Power Rangers game out all this time….who knew?

Freedom Planet — PS4 / Switch, June 21
Before Sonic Mania, this was the closest thing anybody could get to a modern Sonic game that was any good. Pick it up if you can.

Star Wars Bounty Hunter — PS4, June 28
Limited Run’s big surprise at the end of the video was the announcement they’d be publishing Star Wars games from Lucasfilm’s past; the first of these, Bounty Hunter, will be out later this month.

Mercenary Kings Reloaded Edition — PS4, June 28
One of the first games Limited Run published for Switch was Mercenary Kings….now it’s the PS4’s turn.

Transistor — PS4 / Switch, July 5
The story of a woman and her beloved talking sword.

Corpse Killer — PS4, July 5
A cheesy 90s FMV game.

Red Faction — PS4, July 12
The PS2 shooter is back on PS4.

Double Switch — Switch, July 19
Another cheesy 90s FMV game.

Rogue Legacy — PS4 / Switch, July 19

Hover — PS4, July 26
A skateboarding game that defies gravity.

Real Myst — Q3 2019
From the sound of it, this is the PC original from way back in the early 90s, remastered for Switch.

Turok and Turok 2: Seeds of Evil — Switch, Q3 2019
Yes, these are the N64 originals, originally remastered for PC but now available on Switch.

Bad North — Switch, Q3 2019

Shenmue 3 Limited Edition — PC, November 19
Limited Run will be handling the Limited Edition for the PC version of Shenmue 3 (which, if you haven’t heard the howling, is an Epic Games Store exclusive now).

Night in the Woods — PS4 / Switch, Q4 2019

Blaster Master Zero — Switch, Q4 2019
This game already has a sequel out, and we’re curious why Inti Creates isn’t putting them both on one card.

Blazing Chrome — PS4 / Switch, Q4 2019

Dark Devotion — PS4 / Switch, Q4 2019

Atooi Collection — 3DS, TBA
Limited Run’s first 3DS printing….includes five games developed by Atooi (creators of Mutant Mudds among other things).

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