Another E3 for Playstation 4! After the machine-gun fire of trailers and reveals that was Microsoft’s E3, Sony’s quiet focus on just four Playstation titles felt a bit underwhelming. The games shown off looked great, but there’s a consensus that Microsoft won this year’s E3 despite showing far fewer exclusives. I’m still a PS4 man, though (except when it comes to Fortnite, because of this.)

The most anticipated title in Sony’s future is Naughty Dog’s The Last Of Us Part II, and Sony knew it. After a brief (or maybe not that brief) concert from the game’s musician Gustavo Santaolalla, we cut to an older Ellie chilling out at a post-apocalyptic hoedown. As she’s about to kiss her girlfriend, the camera swings over to either a flashback or a flash-forward. Either way, Ellie kills a lot of people. The stralth gameplay looks pretty similar to its predecessor, but no one’s complaining.

Sucker Punch’s Ghost of Tsushima came next. Set in feudal Japan, it’s essentially more sneaking and stabbing, only historical (and closer to The Witcher 3 than The Last Of Us). The story was hard to discern, but basically a Mongol invasion is on the horizon and some cranky lady would rather kill her fellow villagers than plan for the enemy.

Control, a third-person action game from Remedy, came out of nowhere and looks great. More importantly, it looks fun.

The biggest cheers from the audience came when they realized they were watching a Resident Evil 2 remake, which gave itself away once Chris Redfield turned his head toward the camera. Unlike most of Sony’s lineup this year, this one had a solid release date, and it was SOON…..January soon.

The third of Sony’s four main games was Death Stranding, and if you think this longer trailer would finally put the images in discernible context, you don’t know Kojima. I’m fully expecting the finished game to make no sense. Babies! Babies everywhere! Don’t go out into the fog without your bottled fetus or you won’t be able to avoid the smoke monsters with umbilical cords.

Um…okay. Did you want this?

Sony spent the most time on Spider-Man, because it was the closest to completion: we’re getting it in September. We got a LOT of gameplay footage and even some live demonstrations. It looks fantastic and fun, and hopefully turns out to be.

Oh yeah, and then there was Not Rick And Morty, brought to us by Justin Roiland. I’m guessing all the dialogue in this game is ad-libbed in the trailer’s fashion, and they just animated everything Justin drunkenly said before passing out. It must be great to have his job.