Gamers know that the only way to truly RP is to gather your friends around a table with some paper, cardboard, and some plastic models for an all-night gaming session. While this format has served us well for a decade, it is time to update your game with interactive game boards from Dynamic Dungeons.

Dynamic Dungeons Maps Provide a Visual Experience to Tabletop Games

Dynamic Dungeons offers animated game maps for every tabletop game and role-playing game. Each map comes with everything you need to have a great gaming experience. The maps move with your character. Birds fly overhead. Water flows down streams while the wind blows through the trees. You can also add ambient sounds. You can even use the Dynamic Dungeons Editor and Player App to run custom dungeons.

On top of that, there is no custom gaming setup to use them. The maps work on any television, monitor, or mobile device. Every animated component and scene comes are ordinary animated files. You just flip your monitor on its side like in the example picture below, cover it with Perspex to avoid scratches, and just gaming. No extra hardware required.

Dynamic Dungeons setup

While this sound expensive, you can buy map packs for about $2-$5 each with the higher price points offering more effects such as daylight transition.

The first pack or 15 animated and static maps are available on the project’s Patreon page, and that is just the beginning. Dynamic Dungeons plans to release even more rooms and corridors, hallways and chambers, different themes, a modular cave, and a fog of war mechanic in the next few months.

Maps of Every Adventure

Dungeons are not the only maps available. Dynamic Dungeons designed their maps to work with every game you want to play, and they have the locations to go with them. Below is an example of their ruined temple scene.

You can use it in two different styles: a jungle theme and a broadleaf one. You can even set them in a day or night setting as well as grid and gridless depending on your gaming needs.

There are also a few sea maps such as the Galleon and plain sea scene below. The boat moves with the waves, adding a bit of realism to your adventures.

While finding the right position for the television may become an issue for some gamers, Dynamic Dungeons’ maps are set to transform how we imagine our adventures in Dungeons & Dragons and tabletop gaming in general. You cannot beat the visual aid these maps provide during a long gaming session, and that is just the start of the benefits that come from using the system. Will it completely remove the pencil and paper from our gaming nights? Probably not, but only the future can tell how far our imaginations will go with some Dynamic Dungeons on the table.