If you should be hiking in the woods and come across an old door just floating there with no walls attached to it, don’t open it….or else you’ll end up like the family at the center of Door In The Woods, the new horror flick from Wild Eye Releasing.

It happens just like we said….a couple and their kid are galavanting about in the forest when they come across the titular door. They decide to open it, unknowingly opening a gateway between this world and a horror realm. Now they’re being haunted by malevolent spirits, and their child is in danger. Can the shaman they hired to exorcise their problems away shoo these ghosts back into their realm and shut the door back up?

Door In The Woods stars John-Michael Fisher, Katherine Forbes and Lauren Harper, and was written and directed by Billy Chase Goforth. It will open for business October 29 on DVD and digital platforms, courtesy of Wild Eye Releasing.

Billy Chase Goforth’s atmospheric horror-thriller Door in the Woods premieres on digital and DVD October 29 from Wild Eye Releasing.

A family is haunted by a group of evil spirits that they accidentally release after finding a mysterious gateway during a hike. they turn to a shaman who must help them save their child and send the entities back to the spirit world forever.