Dimension Drifter is a new third-person shooter currently going through testing on Steam Early Access.

What you need to know is that it’s the future, dimensional portals have opened up all over the world, and horrible monsters are crawling out of them. Standing in their way are “Drifters” — humans with special abilities of unknown origin. You play as one, and the story is how you make it — there are multiple branching narrative paths as you progress.

The game borrows much from Doom — at its heart it’s a mindless gory shooter with endless waves of demons coming at you — but it utilizes randomized rooms and item placement so that no two games are the same.


  • Super fluid action gameplay. Tight controls compared with animation cancelling actions make you feel in absolute control 100% of the time.
  • Brutal Action combined with a deep Pen&Paper RPG world. The World of Dimension Drifter has been created over a period of 15 years as a Pen&Paper RPG foundation. Reveal more and more about the world as you progress through the missions.
  • Endless levels that are randomly arranged each time you play. But robots can’t design intuitive maps. As a modern mapper for the original Doom, I’ve added certain intelligence to the level creation to make it feel as humanly crafted as possible. Each room piece is also designed by hand to give everything you see a manmade feel.
  • Thousands of randomized progression items. Like in Diablo and other loot-oriented games, the game offers almost endless combinations of items you can find to improve your Drifter.


Dimension Drifter is still a work in progress. It was released to Steam Early Access September 26 and is the product of one man, Paul Schneider of Blue Eagle Productions. “I’m pouring all my heart and soul into this project and I love playing it and working on it,” says Paul. “Now is the time to get the community involved! Please tell me what you think of the game and help me as much as you can with your feedback and ideas to make this game as awesome as possible!”

There is no planned price increase (or decrease) for Dimension Drifter once it’s completed, so feel free to dive into the Early Access version. It costs $19.99 on Steam.