In 2014 Blake Harris came out with an excellent historical biography of the fierce battle between Nintendo and Sega that took place in the 90s: Console Wars. The book mainly takes place from Sega of America’s perspective thanks to the full cooperation of a former executive. It also has a foreword written by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg….because the pair wanted to option it for a possible movie.

The plan has changed a bit. Today Chinese film studio Legendary announced their television division is currently developing a TV miniseries based on Console Wars. Jordan Vogt-Roberts has been hired as director and Mike Rosolio has been assigned to write the pilot episode. Rogen, Goldberg and James Weaver will executive produce.

Vogt-Roberts most recently directed Kong: Skull Island for Warner Bros, a summer hit which generated half a billion dollars worldwide. As for Rosolio, his fingerprints are in all sorts of things, but it’s his other current projects (listed by Deadline) that interest us….a throwaway line in the article just happens to mention he’s writing a treatment for “Sesame Street” (as in, a big budget reintroduction of the property to the big screen — first we’ve heard of this), and, somehow, a Sim City movie.

Keep in mind this project is still early enough in development that it could disappear (so could this Sim City thing — it probably will). Console Wars currently has no release date, or broadcast home.

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