Sometimes, managing a city can be a roll of the dice….but never quite so literally as in French publisher Firesquid’s new sim management game, Dice Legacy. You’re in charge of building and maintaining a medieval city, and your citizens are all multicolored dice…or represented by them. You control your people’s decisions by rolling the dice on the map.

You’re also sharing this world with several other factions, who you can choose to either befriend or fight. Gather resources, expand your territory and become a mighty civilization….or not, it’s all in how you roll.

“Dice Legacy is an incredibly unique concept that blends two of our biggest passions: video games and tabletop games,” says Gian Paolo Vernocchi, co-founder and dreative director of developer DESTINYbit. “We’re thrilled to work with a publisher that believed in our vision from the beginning and allowed us to turn it into a truly one-of-a-kind experience.”

  • Upgrade your Peasant dice into Citizens, Soldiers, Priests or Merchants dice to build a balanced or focused society. Do your best to survive and defend your settlement from The Others.
  • Choose your strategy and gather resources from forests, mines, hunting grounds and more. Use your resources to construct new buildings, research new technologies, recruit new dice and prepare for the winter.
  • Encounter uncanny civilizations and uncover the mysteries of the ring. Who are The Others? How did they get here? What lurks beneath their city?

Dice Legacy will be out for PC this summer, with a console release planned for later in the year.

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