There are plenty of JRPGs that play things by the book, and then there’s Death end re;Quest, which Idea Factory is bringing over to the States next year.

The game takes place within a game, and armed with this knowledge, the player’s character can actually shift the gameplay style at whim. On the battle screen, you can play a traditional turn-based match, but if the mood strikes you, you can switch the mode to action battle, first-person shooter, fighter, or even slot machine.

Arata Mizunashi is a video game programmer whose friend Shina seems to have disappeared entirely into a virtual reality game, World’s Odyssey. The only way to save her is to dive into the game itself, where they’ll have to beat the game together….a formidable task, as only 1% of all players have successfully made it to the end.

  • Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction? – Jump between reality and in-game modes, as players will need to investigate in real world view to solve the mysterious inner-workings of the World Odyssey, and switch to an in-game view mode to battle against glitched-out monsters. Choose options wisely, as your decision can change the game’s ending!​
  • Turn-Based RPGs Flipped Upside Down – In this turn-based command battle system, you can roam freely and duke it out with fearsome monsters. During battle, players can change the game’s genre from a first-person shooter to even a fighting game!
  • You’re Buggin’ Out – While exploring, players will need to activate character-specific dungeon skills to access hard-to-reach areas and hidden treasures!
  • ​Follow the White Rabbit and Discover a Bug Infested World – In this hyper-realistic game world, players must help out Shina escape a game universe filled with infected bosses and mesmerizing environments!

Death end re;Quest will be released in early 2019 for Playstation 4, in both physical and digital formats. Here’s what it looks like….

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