NEXT Studios has launched Death Coming, which they describe as a “fourth-person non-linear puzzle game,” on Steam and iOS. Within a handful of days the game will be out for Android.

Playing as a Grim Reaper, you watch over an isometric view full of humans just going about their day. Study the environment and find which items can be manipulated to create “accidents” that will let you collect souls. But watch out! Angels also roam the streets and they don’t appreciate what you’re doing! Evade the cherubs’ gaze by staying out of their flashlight beams whenever possible.

  • Pixel Art Style
  • Non-linear puzzle progression
  • Environmental manipulation
  • Morbid black comedy
  • Reactive AI
  • Creative kills
  • Play as a reaper and find out why you became an agent of death

Death Coming is $6.99 on Steam, $1.99 on the App Store and will be free on Google Play when it arrives May 21. Why the price discrepancy? Dunno. Ask Death.

Working as a Grim Reaper, players collect souls while also avoiding the gaze of Angels in a comedic, pixel animated world. Following the directions and given by Death, players will use the environment to create ‘accidents’ to collect souls for their grim boss in a final destination inspired puzzle gameplay system. Studying the denizens of this pixelated world, players will have to make educated decisions on when and if to kill.

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