As I sit down to right this review of Deadpool 2, I can’t help but think…how can I write this without spoiling some of the best twists in movie history? Ok, maybe I exaggerated that a little bit, but much like Infinity War a few weeks ago, Deadpool 2 brings some big surprises in both large and small-scale to deliver a surprisingly deep film. To be fair, I don’t think it’s better than the original, but it’s definitely a good film and doesn’t suffer from sequelitis.

I like the original Deadpool to the original Guardians of the Galaxy. Why?  Because both captured lightning in a bottle. GOTG showed that you can have a comedy-focused group of heroes battling it out with 60’s and 70’s music in the background and it’ll still work. And Deadpool showed that an R-rated superhero film (in the modern age) could not only work, it could set records. So, how was the sequel going to top that lightning-in-a-bottle situation? Well…by digging deeper into who Wade is.

I will not spoil all of what happens in the film, but I can give you a light overview that gives some decent clarification on what happens. So some spoilers ahead!

So, as we pick up with Wade Wilson, we find that since the events of the first film, he’s become a globe-trotting merc who’s actually doing a good job of killing bad people. Like really bad people. And, back at home, he’s still with Vanessa and very much in love. But, naturally things go horribly wrong, including….last chance to look away…Vanessa dies. Worse, she dies after they agree to try and have children, so Wade literally goes from sky high to rock bottom.

Fast forward a bit and Wade gets a second chance at a heroic life, and blows it when he meets a kid named Firefist, who is being tortured by some really bad people. Instead of “doing the right thing”, he kills a bunch of people, and is sent with Firefist to a mutant prison. Enter Cable, who is on a mission to kill Firefist for a very legitimate reason. Mainly, he becomes a terrible villain in the future, and Cable wants to kill him before his reign of terror begins.

Where does Wade fit into all of this? Well, after losing Vanessa, Wade wants to die, for real, but because of his healing factor, that’s basically impossible to do (not for lack of trying.) But, a “tip” from Vanessa signals him to save Firefist from Cable in order to “put his heart in the right place”. Naturally, Wade’s vision of doing this is much different from everyone elses. So, he hires a group of other mutants to create X-Force, save Firefist, stop Cable, and be heroes. Again, it doesn’t go well, but he’s trying, right?

Some might think of this as an “over-the-top” sequel to an already “over-the-top” film franchise, but make no mistake, this film is deeper than you might expect. In fact, the first 20 minutes or so is so deep and dark you might think you’re in the DC Universe…ha, ha, ha. Moreso, we get to explore how Deadpool reacts to such loss. Remember, the original film was more-or-less about revenge and nothing but it, but here, he’s trying to do good, but doing it in kind of a bad way. Yet, you root for him throughout, especially when things get worse.

Deadpool 2 definitely wouldn’t be the same without some strong supporting cast. He technically had that in teh first film, but the sequel definitely antes up. The biggest additions of course being Domino and Cable. Zazie Beetz is an absolute joy as Domino. And you might think that her Luck Powers “arent’ very cinematic”, but you and Deadpool would be very wrong. They’re shown very well, and in a variety of ways. Plus, her personality is just so light-hearted and fun that you can’t help but smile when she’s on screen.

As for Cable, I admit, I wish he had gotten a little more time on screen, not unlike what Brolin had with Thanos in Infinity War, but, Cable is still epic. In the movie, Wade calls him “Winter Soldier”, and that’s kind of accurate in the way that Winter Soldier was a force of nature that was unyielding in his goal, and for much of the film, Cable is that. Yet, he also has a tragic backstory with a nod to a very important X-Men character, so be on the lookout for that. He also knows when to do the right thing, but isn’t afraid to do what’s necessary, which makes him and Deadpool to peas in the same pod.

Oh, and for fans of Colosus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead, they’re back, and arguably better than ever. My MVP though? Yukio. You’ll understand when you see the movie.

There are a lot of surprises in Deadpool, and as promised I didn’t spoil many of them, And that’s good, these twists help make the film much more than a sequel, it makes it something you can’t help just gap at when they happen. And trust me, you will gap….YOU WILL!!!

Ok, let’s talk comedy. Yeah, Deadpool 2 is fully all of the raunchy humor you can expect and more. Like all comedy, where you laught and where you don’t is up to you. I laughed more than I did, and that includes (once again) laughing in the first few seconds of the film. They know how to make fun of everything including Logan, the DC Universe, Dubstep, and most importantly…Dubstep.

Action wise, the film is very impressive. There are some absolutely epic scenes, including the convoy scene with X-Force vs. Cable that’s not to be missed. Also, there is an epic 1v1 fight I can’t spoil, but it’s worth it when you see it.

So…downpoints? There are a few. While I applaud the dive into deeper storytelling, it does take a while to get there. Not unlike what Black Panther did. Some might be taken aback by how slow it is at first. It does pick up, but still. Also, while the film most definitely earns its R-rating, some stunts I could’ve done without. Next, there are some deaths outside of Vanessa that people might not like, including a surprise X-Men villain that shows up in a big ways…then dies in a whimper. Finally, while Firefist is a good plotpoint, the young actor really overacted in some scenes, and they were painful to watch at times.

Still, in the end, Deadpool 2 is a worthy film that totally owns what it’s trying to do. It sets up both X-Force and Deadpool 3 should they get to do it, and Ryan Reynolds is still a thrill to watch as Wade Wilson.

Oh, and there is only one end credits scene, and it is the great end credits scene ever. However, there is not one at the END of the credits. So…be mindful of that. Anyway, go watch Deadpool 2!