First off, let us warn everyone that this newspost contains BIG FAT SPOILERS for Deadpool 2, even more than our movie review did. So if you haven’t seen Deadpool 2 yet…get out of here, seriously. You’ve been on the Internet long enough that you should know better than to click things like this. Bookmark it for later.

The remaining ones reading this have seen it, right? Okay, then let’s continue. You don’t need me to tell you Deadpool 2 has one of the most awesome post-credits sequences ever put to film. Deadpool has convinced Yukio (hi Yukio!) to fix Cable’s time teleporter, despite Negasonic feeling wary of what Wade wants to do with it. Wade goes back in time and saves Vanessa, convinces Peter not to walk in that direction, assassinates the bastardized version of himself from X-Men Origins, and shoots Ryan Reynolds before he can agree to star in Green Lantern.

We don’t always get word from the directors or producers when ambiguous things like this happen. But this time, we did. Polygon dialed up screenwriter Rhett Reese, who told them…’s canon, all of it.

”The [post-credit scenes were] a late add,” said Reese. “We wanted the movie to stand alone without the idea that it was all just gonna be undone by a time machine. And then, we threw that on there because we thought it was fun and what the heck we’re going to do it? So now at least we could use Vanessa in the future. We could use Peter in the future. And, uh, now Ryan’s got some therapeutic closure on his Green Lantern decision.”

Some folks might be upset to learn Vanessa’s demise was actually undone, given it was the emotional drive behind the entire picture’s plot. But as director David Leitch rightfully points out: if you’re looking for emotional fulfillment you’re kinda watching the wrong movie.

“At the end of the day, we have this movie that was built on an emotional driver and we got to experience that Wade-Vanessa relationship in a really tragic and emotional and heartfelt way. We felt this beautiful resolution, and five minutes later we’re like. Whoops. And we pull the rug out. That’s classic Deadpool.”