Facepunch Studios, makers of Rust and Garry’s Mod, have just released their bullet-hell shooter Chippy on PC.

The first question you probably have is why it’s called Chippy. In each stage you’re presented with a massive boss, and the only way to defeat it is to chip away at it. Keep shooting and you’ll break off parts of its outer shell, getting closer and closer to its core. Meanwhile all sorts of things are shooting glowing energy balls at you, which you must dodge whole keeping your eyes on the prize.

  • Dodge, shoot, and destroy 14 multi-form bosses
  • A variety of powerups – choose offensive or defensive based on your skill level
  • Simple scoring system – fastest time wins
  • Leaderboards and replays for each boss fight

From now until June 21 Chippy is 10% off, so you can get it for just $13.49. Check it out at the Steam store.


Chippy is a twin-stick bullet-hell shooter. This elegant arcade game, brought to you by the developers behind cult favourites Rust and Garry’s Mod, presents players with competitive challenges, with the aim to dodge, shoot and ultimately destroy 14 multi-form bosses, fighting their way to the top of the leader-board. It’s fast. It’s difficult. You’ll die a lot (Facepunch want you to). 

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