Orion’s Child’s Play remake, which hit theaters June 21 (the same day as Toy Story 4), is heading to your electronic devices next month. Let’s hope Chucky doesn’t take them over.

You see, this doll is quite different from the Don Mancini original (and if the OG Chucky is what you want, wait for the SyFy series coming soon). The new Buddi dolls use an advanced AI to talk directly with and befriend children. The model Andy wound up receiving was a bit corrupted, and takes his task of being Andy’s friend VERY VERY seriously. To the point that anyone Chucky perceives as coming between them must DIE!

When comparing Chuckies, I prefer the wisecracking knife-stabber to this insecure possessive squirt, but at least he’s got the voice of Mark Hamill. Most movies released on disc these days withhold material for the Blu-Ray set, but this time, you’ll get this complete list of features no matter what definition you choose, high or low:

  • The Making of Child’s Play
  • Bringing Child’s Play’s Chucky to Life
  • Soundtrack Trailer
  • Toy Massacre
  • A.I. Mayhem
  • Gallery

Watch out for murderous plastic when Child’s Play comes to Blu-Ray and DVD September 24.

child's play

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