Children of Termina, the latest Zelda-related orchestral arrangement from the composer known as Rozen, is his biggest hit to date. At the time of its release we were promised a limited-edition CD would exist, and this was the week they came in. Childen of Termina is officially available on CD!

Rozen’s past projects include the equally successful Sins of Hyrule and Ballads of Hyrule, remixes of other familiar Zelda melodies. Children of Termina is entirely focused on Majora’s Mask and the striking, moody melodies that set its tone.

“For the next installment in my Hyrule series, I wanted to explore the parallel world of Termina and its lore,” says Rozen. “There’s so much beauty found in darkness and mystery, even at the final moments of one’s existence. I wanted to capture all the feelings in the hearts of the people of Termina when they’re looking up at the falling moon, one last time, before facing extinction: love, solitude, despair, acceptance. It is my wish that you join me in this unsettling but emotional journey in the lands below Hyrule, and feel the same desperate need to heal the world as Link did.”

There are also several live performers who contributed to the album: the Sofia Session Orchestra, Julie Elven (Horizon Zero Dawn) and Celica Soldream (World of Warcraft).

01. The World That Ends in Three Days
02. Majora’s Mask
03. Down the Rabbit Hole
04. Termina Field
05. The Four Regions
06. Deku Palace
07. A Moment’s Peace
08. Stone Tower
09. Masked Monsters
10. Moon’s Tears (Astral Observatory)
11. Clock Town
12. Final Hours
13. March of the Giants
14. I Shall Consume Everything
15. Inside the Moon
16. Song of Healing
17. Children of Termina

Look for the Children of Termina CD on the Materia Collective website. In addition to the CD, you can purchase it digitally on iTunes, Bandcamp and Spotify.

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