Brave Wave is a Tokyo-based music label that prints both official soundtracks of video games and solo albums from famed game composers. They also aid in helping Western game developers secure Japanese music talent (they were responsible for Mega Man composer Manami Matsumae contributing tracks to Shovel Knight).

Now Brave Wave’s stable of talent has grown with the addition of Lena Raine (Celeste), Shinichi Sakamoto (Wonder Boy series), BUN BUN (Mega Man 3), Tee Lopes (Sonic Mania), and Fourge, a newcomer to the music scene. All these composers will be producing their next albums under the Brave Wave label — these include original tracks, solo projects and game tune remixes.

Raine is currently working on her solo album with label director Mohammed Taher. Lopes is also working on a solo album, inspired by the Japanese band YMO (Lopes’ album will include contributions from Matsumae and Ninja Gaiden composer Keiji Yamagishi). As for Fourge, he’s about to release his first album ever, Shifting Approximations of Solitude, through Brave Wave.

“I wanted to take the listener through different worlds, throwing them into a vast and immersive diorama of sounds,” says Fourge. “From close up and intimate mood setting to washed out soundscapes, the album takes the listener through all of the places a mind can possibly go. I hope people enjoy the final product as much as I did creating it over the past year.”

Keep up with Brave Wave by bookmarking their website. Their full talent roster is listed on the front page, and it’s impressive.