It’s going to be a fruitful Halloween for Castlevania fans. Not only is the second season of the anime series based on Castlevania III making its debut on Netflix, but two of the greatest installments in the video game series will be republished again on PS4.

Castlevania Requiem is the name of this package that bundles together Symphony of the Night and its prequel Rondo of Blood. The former game needs no introduction; it’s considered one of the finest games to ever come out for the PS1 and its inclusion in the upcoming Playstation Classic is expected (and fans will be soooore if Sony lets them down in that department).

The other game in Castlevania Requiem, Rondo of Blood, came out four years earlier — and only in Japan, on the PC Engine. Symphony of the Night was technically a sequel to this game (which is why they’re bring sold together). It was eventually released in America, but only on the Wii Virtual Console, which no longer exists. A remake of Rondo with 2.5d graphics was released on the PSP in 2007, but most people prefer the pixel-art original.

The fact that Konami is willing to keep both these games in circulation is fortunate. We should support the decision with our dollars come October. And if you’ve never played one or both of these games, you have double the reason.

Castlevania Requiem will be out on Playstation 4 October 26, for just $19.99. But enough talk, have at you!

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